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     I'm #n10chnl Mentoring Program

The need for positive role models and guidance is big enough for everyone to get involved. love and awareness is critical to the self esteem of girls everywhere. We strive to focus on lessons that teach the importance of confidence and self care.

Brown Girls Mentoring is here to empower young Brown Girls in all shades of beauty to know their worth, strive for excellence, and to embrace their natural beauty. Our vision is to form lifelong bonds of sisterhood, to build confidence, and to see EVERY Brown Girl win!

Self Care

Sharing with our girls the importance of taking care of ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically. ​

Self Image

Learn to develop a positive self-image while all so sharing it with the world. 


Supporting our girls of intention as they navigate through life’s challenges while teaching them the power of perspective and how to bounce back from the life’s obstacle. 

 Words Matter

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